Wednesday, January 13, 2016

FSC’s (Free Spirit Caravans) Newest Adventurers!

FSC (Free Spirit Cavavans) are proud to see off Lyn & Darryl Toepfer on their adventures in their new FSC Off Road 19'6".

It’s a bitter sweet moment when we watch our beloved off road caravans part to take on the harsh new world that Australia can be. But we know we’ve built the toughest (& lightest!) off road caravan there is! We know caravans (especially true off road caravans!) and we know Australia. So at least we can rest in knowing that we’re likely to see many pics of our beloved caravan (sorry customers! ;) ) enjoying the tough terrain Australia has to offer for many many years to come!

Our off road caravans are all custom built and Lyn & Darryl loved getting in on the design process to add their own custom look. Such as the lighting seen here (how cool is this?!):

We’d also like to give a big thank you to Darryl for the News Article he contributed to for Caravanning Australia Summer 2015-16 edition! Fantastic 'write up Darryl' much appreciated from the FSC team.

Darryl and Lyn had their cafe area fitted out to allow for 'Card Playing'.
They then chose to had this area built to accommodate an extra double bed if needed!
Now they are the kind of friends you want to have! 

Well done on this design Darryl and Lyn it is a cracker!
Your off road Airbus on wheels is ready for your many off road adventures!
You were a pleasure to work with and we look forward to getting some of your professional pics from your journey!

All the very best from the FSC team.

More pictures below for Off Road Caravans